Her Shy Suitor (A 12 Loves of Christmas Romance)


Dentist Heaven Lee has all she’s ever wanted. Her dental practice in the small town of Dos Fuentes is thriving. She has good friends and lots of outside activities to keep her busy during the holiday season. What she doesn’t have is a man - at least not at the moment. When mechanic Jayden Lewis comes into her life, it’s purely by accident when he damages her car. However, men are a distraction Heaven doesn’t really want or need. Jayden’s issues with anxiety are calmed somewhat in the relatively quiet town. That is until he meets Heaven. Can two people who aren’t really looking for love find it during the holiday season?

“Her Shy Suitor” is a clean, holiday romance with all the small town romance prerequisites, including the meet-cute hostilities often portrayed in contemporary settings. The push and pull between the two characters stumbled a bit at first when the heroine had trouble making up her mind about whether or not she wanted to take a chance with the hero. Once the story got moving though, their interactions and banter back and forth were perfectly suited to both the storyline and setting. The hero’s willingness to step out of his comfort zone and volunteer to help out with one of the heroine’s holiday projects made him all the more endearing, and heroic. If you’re a fan of small town holiday romances, you’ll be intrigued by this second book in the series. The book is a standalone so reading in order is not necessary.

N.E. Kelley