Her Last Love (Small Town Hearts Trilogy Book 1)


Lieutenant Lynn Johnston returns to her small home town in Kentucky after having served in the military for the last eight years. When she left to start boot camp her fiancé, Carter Mathis, presented her with an ultimatum: either him or the military. Lynn forged ahead with her plans to become a career military woman but situations beyond her control places her back in her hometown where she finds Carter again. He is raising two boys while going through a nasty divorce and is not sure how he feels about Lynn and neither is she. When tragedy strikes at the local coal mine friends and family bond together to help each other cope. Will Lynn and Carter find themselves in each other’s arm or will each of their pasts keep them apart forever? 


H.C. Bentley has started what looks to be a terrific series! “Her Last Love” is a sweet contemporary story that has heart, strength, determination, loss and tragedy all rolled up in a wonderfully packaged story. Readers will find it hard to put the book down and might find themselves reading into the wee hours of the morning just to find out what will happen next. There are small editing errors throughout the book but they do not take away from the story and readers will probably not even notice them. The “Small Town Hearts Trilogy” promises to be a series that will have readers eager for the next book to be published! 

Mary-Nancy Smith