Her Executive Protector


Many years ago, Sam Barstow and Madigan (Maddie) Moran dated in high school, and have never really forgotten each other. But, Maddie accepted a scholarship to an art school, and left her alcoholic father and Sam behind without a word. Now, she is back in town after her father has died and left her their family home. Strange things happen while she is there, is her father’s spirit still around and watching over her and trying to get her attention?


Sam’s father has been a thorn in his side ever since Sam decided against following in his footsteps and being a part of the family business. Sam has recently given up his job in executive protection after a fatal mistake shook his self confidence.  When Maddie’s life is threatened, however, Sam steps up to protect but will Sam be able to keep his promise and keep Maddie safe? Will their pasts come back to haunt them, or will they find the love they once had?


This one is a thoroughly enjoyable story right from the get go! Sam and Maddie both have baggage and their chemistry is smokin’ hot. The pace and the arc of the story is spot on, making it a real page turner - even though the second chance trope of high school sweethearts, finding one another again, has been used over and over. The small sub-plot of the spirit of Maddie’s dad was underdone. Had more of this element been utilized it would have made the book outstanding. Regardless, this book is worth every minute of reading time!


Lynne Bryant