Her Delayed Darling (A 12 Loves of Christmas Romance)


This story is a sweet reunion romance set during the Christmas holiday season. The heroine, Taylor Campbell, has taken over the family business, including the upcoming holiday festival. She’s also taking care of her mother post-surgery, so she’s definitely burning the candle at both ends. When she discovers her mother’s new physical therapist is Chris Harris, a man from her past, she’s wary. Chris, on the other hand, wants to make up for lost time and rekindle their romance.

“Her Delayed Darling” is a typical sweet, made-for-television style holiday romance. The story is quaint yet has nothing to set it apart from any other holiday romance. The trope of a reunited couple who parted previously under less-than-stellar circumstances, is definitely nothing new. The author does an admirable job of introducing some welcome supporting characters, including the heroine’s mother, Linda. Once Linda realizes that Chris is a man from Taylor’s past, she does her expected motherly duty to get them together. Taylor’s friends, also provide some additional assistance with the storyline. Taylor’s character begins a little frosty which, given her workload and responsibility, is understandable. However, she never really warms up, or shows any growth as a character. Chris, on the other hand, has gotten his life in order, and goes out of his way to win Taylor back. While readers won’t find anything different about this story, for fans of sweet holiday romance who glues themselves to the television screen from November through the new year, you will likely enjoy this book.

N.E. Kelley