Heartstrings & Hockey Pucks (Holidays in Lake Point #7)


Cage is pleased with his life. His career as a hockey player is looking up, and his best friend is back from a year long stay in Europe. True, their parting wasn’t the smoothest, but now that she’s back, well it will surely be as good as it once was. 

Penelope really needed that stay in Europe. After the fiasco that was her Chicago audition, she needed time to come to grips to what she wants. That part hasn’t precisely worked out, but she has the audition for the Philly Philharmonic to look forward to. And then there’s Cage - her friend, her best friend whom she sometimes wishes was something more.

There’s just something about a story with a hockey player as a hero that will inevitably put a smile on a reader’s face. This is no exception. Cage is a wonderful hero, and Pen just clicks with him. However, while the story was pleasing to read, it failed to shine. Especially since the main conflict lies in Pen’s relationship with her controlling mother. A bit more fleshed out story would’ve made for a more compelling read. Nevertheless, “Heartstring & Hockey Pucks” is a quick and satisfying read, especially for those fond of the friends-to-lovers trope!

Ana Smith