Hearts on Fire (St. Caroline #2)


Becca Trevor’s life is a mess. She’s been evicted, lost her boyfriend, and fired from her job. To make matters worse, on her first night back home a fire breaks out and destroys the family business. However, when she meets up with volunteer firefighter Jack Wolfe, she thinks her luck might finally be changing. Jack changed her life forever the night of their high school graduation, when he got her pregnant. She thought secretly having his baby and giving her up for adoption would help keep his Ivy League life on the track his parents set for him. Now the secret is going to come out and once again, Becca stands to lose everything — including her heart.

 This love story will pull at readers’ heartstrings with all the history and mistakes made that set up this touching journey of redemption. The author does a wonderful job with the small town setting, and the secondary characters fill out a well-drawn cast. The problems the hero and heroine face are realistic and give the characters depth, especially the issue of parental death and how that influences the decisions Becca and Jack make as a couple. At times, though, important details are glossed over, and the twist is somewhat unbelievable. As readers will already be rooting for Becca and Jack to get their happily ever after, these are easily overlooked. "Hearts on Fire" is a heart-wrenching and emotional read, with a sweet payoff that will leave readers smiling.  

Kate Campbell