The Heartbroker (Wellywood Series Book 2)


CHICK-LIT:  Brooke Mortimer is living the life. At twenty-nine, this New Zealander is the owner and CEO of her own company, Live It, a company providing personal growth seminars to help unlock potential in people of all ages. After getting her heart broken by her sexy American boyfriend, Scott, a year earlier, she’s sworn off of men. Focusing on her business and how best to expand into Australia and beyond is her main concern. When an American based company called You: Now offers to go into business with them, she meets with their handsome VP, Logan McManus, and they talk merger. Will the sexy Logan make her regret wanting to merge more than business?  


What a fabulous little read! Kate O’Keefe’s descriptions of local New Zealand haunts had this Yank wishing she could pack her bag and hop a plane over to the land of the Kiwis. The main and secondary characters fleshed-out nicely, down to the delightful Jocelyn and the overzealous Stefan. Storyline and subplots were all credible and well-grounded, down to the medical analysis and treatments of one of its characters, and Logan’s fanatical attraction to Tolkien based tours. It read like one of the standard rom-coms Brooke is so fond of watching, so despite the fact that there were no surprises, the writing was exceptionally clean, and tremendously enjoyable! 

Lori Leger