Heart Storms

N. Christine

A Victorian bed & breakfast in a coastal South Carolina town seems too good to be true. It sure feels like the right place for Jade Armstrong to start over. Her recent divorce has her in a tailspin. Her hospitality background should make her a great candidate for the manager position in a lovely B & B, if they’re hiring? Jade is spending time with her supportive, best friend Amy and her husband. Leaving Santa Barbara, CA was a big step, but a fresh start is what she needs most. Rick has done a recent remodel of the B & B and is getting ready to open for tourist season, he just needs staff. Jade to the rescue, but both Jade and Rick fully live by the tenet ‘there are no accidents’. Rick hires Jade on the spot and now their work begins. 

"The best advice I can give you is that pain and loss are inevitable, but suffering is a choice." This is an absolute theme woven throughout this entire drama. The love triangle will transform readers. There is a rehashing of racial content throughout that could have been reduced, but does pull together in a poignant finale. The B & B has a spirit that makes frequent visits, and many are aware of its presence. The love triangle causes much heart break and also much healing. The many real-world issues are treated with grace and compassion in this tale, and refreshingly the characters usually take the high road! This is a wonderful depiction of how the heart can love many and in different ways during different times. 

Viola Robins.