A Heart Restrained (Scarred Hearts Book 3)

Jennifer Wilck

Fiona Hamilton wants a happily ever after, but she also wants her website to be a success – and this comes true thanks to the attention and hard work she puts into it. When she meets Caleb Zeno, there is sexual tension – and a lot of other tension she doesn’t need to be dealing with. She doesn’t want to sell her company to him, but when their feelings deepen, she discovers that Caleb has a hard time opening up, and no matter how hard she tries, he stays closed off due to trauma from his past. Caleb didn’t expect to catch feelings when he made an offer on the competition, but Fiona is unlike any woman he’s known and he wants more. But getting over what went on in his past is difficult.

There is a slight enemies to lovers feel to this story; maybe not outright enemies, but there is definitely some dislike which develops throughout the story. There is a lot of emotional tension as well as sexual tension which makes for an interesting mix, and readers will find that they’re in for an interesting ride. The dynamic between the characters is well written and the descriptions really add to the story and help it flow. There are some moments that slow down a little bit, but they easily pick back up. “A Heart Restrained” has a lot going for it and it’ll be good to see where the series goes from here. Those who haven’t read the previous books will be intrigued, and go back and take a look! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick