Heart of Dreams

Susan Zoe
Willow Zayde meets Jett Foxx on a country road in southern PA. He’s pushing a Harley that is out of gas, and she’s riding a horse from her aunt’s horse farm, Zayde Arabians. She helps him out and to thank her, he offers her a kiss. Neither expects to ever see the other one again; however, things work out differently, only Willow is heartbroken when it happens. It turns out that while her dreams of training a National Champion horse are dying, Jett’s dreams are coming to life. Fortunately, Willow has an amazing rapport with the horses, and Jett has definitely noticed. 
This story is engaging and interesting. However, it needs the services of content and copy editors. Additionally, there are things that just do not flow well or make sense. For instance, the protagonists are gazing at the farmland all around them (implying daylight), when they opt to race to the bottom of the hill and call the horses back to the barn. The horses arrive a minute later, yet it’s suddenly pitch dark. Also, a shooting crime happens within the story, and in less than a month, the perpetrator has been arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced. The timing seems unrealistic. Willow suspects her aunt has a new beau - spelled bow. Readers notice these types of inconsistencies as it pulls one out of the story. In spite of these issues, the protagonists are both likable characters who bring out the best in each other, and who face challenges with maturity, wisdom, and skill beyond their years.
Carey Sullivan