Hazardous Hideaway

Cindy A
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Dallas Mae Jenkins is on the run from an abusive husband. Hauling a trailer carrying her beloved horse, she loses control and veers into an oncoming truck, running herself and Tom Allred off the road.

Tom hasn't got the time or patience to deal with another problem in his life. Working the dairy farm owned by his friends, Jacob and Ina, dealing with persistent rumors of his involvement in a death years earlier and being dumped by the woman he was in love with have all  turned Tom into a bitter man. He doesn't need women in his life and especially not ones like Dallas, who bring a trailer load of trouble with them.

Set on a dairy farm, the romance is handled lightly, and the mystery of the killer's identity and motives are surprising. Descriptions of life on the farm are depicted with a knowledgeable hand, giving the setting an authentic feel.

Tom admits he is not good with women, but his brusqueness, especially towards Dallas, continues for a very long time. His mean words to her, though counteracted by his generous and kind acts, were done grudgingly. Unfortunately he came across as an unlikable and less than endearing hero. There was also little detail given of Tom's gift as a horse whisperer, which would have been appreciated and added a depth to Tom’s character.  

“Hazardous Hideaway” is a clean romance with just a few kisses. The romance is there but somewhat overshadowed by the very fine mystery.

Jill MacKenzie