Hawke’s Nest (Like No Other #1)


It’s never good when blue and red lights flash in your rearview mirror. Especially when said lights yield one very irritated—very hunky—Sheriff. Just one more thing Annie wished she could escape. Why did this have to happen now? This trip to her best friend’s wedding was supposed to be a retreat, not a way to add more to her overflowing plate.

Levi Hawke wanted nothing to do with this spoiled little daddy’s girl. He had no time for women like that. His life as the local Sheriff was just as he wanted it and he didn’t need Annie complicating things. Yet, the more he tried pushing this damsel in distress away, the more his heart wanted to pull her near.

A frolicking game of cat and mouse, “Hawke’s Nest” pits reluctant hearts one against the other with steamy little interludes sprinkled all along the way. With a healthy mix of endearment, adventure, misunderstandings, and demons to overcome, this story keeps the reader ensnared from beginning to end. The heroine came off rather melodramatic at times—making the reader wonder how the hero could stick around—but it’s a small price to pay for the underlying message of triumph over adversity. Ms. Flynn succeeds in crafting a fast-paced, feel-good story—with a particularly lovely ending—that every reader hopes for when opening the first pages of a new book.

Sofia St. Angeles