Hart’s Desire

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In 1974, at the Dallas Home for Unwed Mothers, high school senior Melinda Dawson gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was only able to hold her for a minute before the little girl was taken away, but it was long enough to see she had Melinda’s hair, nose and mouth, but her father’s cleft chin. She planned to sneak away to grab her daughter at the first opportunity, but she began hemorrhaging and almost died. By the time she was a bit better, two days had passed and her little girl was gone.
Melinda’s parents had told Greg Hart that Melinda had gone to California and she was happy there. After not hearing from her for six months he gathered up the pieces of his broken heart, left McCray and joined the Marines. Thirty years have passed and they’re both back in town. Neither of them realizes the extent of their parents meddling and both are bitter at each other for the wrong reasons. Will the truth finally see the light of day and can they put the past behind them?
This beautifully written, heart-wrenching short story has well-developed characters that reach out grab the reader and draw them into their conflict. Wringing hands and dancing anxiously in their seat, the reader watches while the two characters talk at cross purposes because neither of them knows the truth. When that truth is finally revealed the relief is palpable. So many wasted years, but a future that looks brighter now that it is filled with love and hope. Exquisitely done.  Bravo, Ms Leger!
Carol Conley