Grounded in January


Kate Wilson has a fear of flying. Finding herself unhappy in Arizona, she flies home to surprise her parents in Washington, except they’re in Hawaii. Oxnard Swanson is the owner of B& B ‘Inn of the Woods’, and a pilot who loves to fly. He is training his Labrador, Bayou, to help ease flyer’s fears. And he’s battling a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Kate, now stranded in town, far from home, has few options except to stay as a guest at Ox’s Inn. Sparks quickly fly between them. Aided by Maggie, a matronly regular guest at the inn, and the magic of the January snow, they both learn some lessons about love, life and happiness.
Kate is a likeable, albeit quite clumsy, character. Ox carries some heavy weight upon himself. This story deftly deals with serious, real-life issues not limited to a legitimate fear of flying, Multiple Sclerosis, and the uncertainties and anxieties of living and dealing with both. Minor technical issues that make for a few awkward gaps, and the POV can be confusing with multiple run-together points of view throughout, with up to three and four characters owning any given scene.  However, the seriousness of Kate and Ox’s conditions are beautifully and tactfully handled and blended with a sweet love story. And, Bayou, the dog, easily steals the show! Readers will be inspired and cheer the characters as they jump the hurdles life has put in front of them in this beautiful, uplifting, and humor-laced book.
Emerson Matthews

Emerson Matthews