Green Eyed Temptation

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Angelique Baptiste is a beautiful Creole with a problem. She's in love with two men. Both men, in turn, are in love with Angelique. Liam Nash, ex-Navy Seal and now  bodyguard had a relationship with Angelique. But, with unresolved issues over his wife and baby's deaths, Liam left Angelique to sort himself out. In the meantime, she met up with Michael Harper, a detective with the Lafayette Police Department. Now Liam has come back into Angelique's life having put to rest his demons. So, who will Angelique choose?
Love triangles in contemporary romances are not usual. Normally the hero and heroine are clearly defined, they're going to end up together, but internal and/or external conflicts keep them apart before their happily-ever-after. Not so here!  Who Angelique finally ends up with is anyone's guess!  There is also an interesting sub-plot involving Sarah Richard, the young mother of twins who comes into the story when Mike investigates an accident she was involved in, as Sarah is trying to escape her abusive, stalking husband.
This  story was both charming and engaging, with a host of interesting secondary characters.  Although it can be read as a standalone, there are a number of personalities from Ms Leger's other La Fleur de Love series. Both Liam and Mike were wonderful heroes and their camaraderie and good-natured rivalry to win Angelique was a refreshing change from the routine alpha-male stand-off.  
“Green Eyed Temptation” is a very enjoyable story and certainly keeps the reader wondering who Angelique will finally choose as her hero! Hopefully the 'loser' will get his story in an upcoming book in the Halos & Horns series.
Jill MacKenzie