Gracie’s Plan


Raised by miserable and abusive parents, Annabelle O’Sullivan did not have it easy growing up. She made the biggest mistake of her life when she allowed her mother to convince her she was unworthy of her first husband, Kade Hoffman.  She ended her marriage and landed herself in an abusive relationship, thinking that was all she deserved. After her Aunt Gracie dies Annabelle is stunned to discover that she and her ex-husband Kade must live together for two months in Aunt Gracie’s cabin as a stipulation to receive their portion of her estate. Thrust together in such close proximity Annabelle and Kade are forced to revisit old hurts and for Kade, to finally get some answers for why Annabelle left.


Ms. Lange writes a wonderfully fast-paced and emotional romance with a brilliant plot to go along with the steaming hot love scenes. Readers will be unable to put this book down as they find themselves cheering Kade and Annabelle on to a well-deserved happily ever after. Gracie’s Plan is well written and relatable with likable characters as well as the sympathetic portrayal of living with abuse and its everlasting effects. Ms. Lange wraps everything up quite nicely in an endearing epilogue, which will delight readers who dislike cliffhangers.


Molly S. Daniels