Gettin’ Hitched: The H Books


Mercedes is heading to a job interview to nanny for a family. Seeing toys in the front yard, she believes she's at the right house. However, there is no answer. A yard care man across the street offers aid, and she is pointed there instead. She heads into an immaculate home and a handsome man waiting inside for her. No children are present nor a mother figure. She does not have much experience, but she makes up for it with personality and confidence. Nicholas Moore is to be her new boss. He works full time and has a five-year-old daughter and a three-year-old son. Can they keep their cool and distance or will they cave and give in to human nature? Will mom make an appearance and want her family back?

Ms. Broemmer has penned a delightful read with lovable characters in “Gettin’ Hitched.” The kids’ characters bring this book to life. Mercedes is a beautiful portrayal of what the kids have been missing, her character’s attitude and quick wit along with the kindness she shows throughout the story would win over any parent. The ‘father falls for the nanny’ relationship is not an original plot, however the pace of the relationship is appreciated. The predictability overall is ever present, yet still entertaining. The ex-wife is so fun to dislike, her character is one readers will love to hate. This stand-alone story has fun banter and a quick pace sure to lure readers to the entire series!

Viola Robins