Full Rigged

Rebecca Connolly, Sophia Summers &
Heather B. Moore

WESTERN: Steer wrestler, Ford Hopkins, needs an escape from the pressure of the family business in Montana and needs to find a place to call his own. He heads to Lost Creek Days Festival in Texas for a change of pace rather than stick to a more competitive circuit. Ford’s original six plan to meet up at Broken Hearts Ranch for a little practice before heading to the rodeo. Dr. Brynn Kershaw is on her way to Broken Hearts Ranch to heal the heart her ex-husband left behind. Brynn knows she needs to tear down the walls she has built up to protect herself from falling for another man that will take advantage of her. Brynn meets Ford and immediately gears up to defend herself from the handsome cowboy. Ford may have met his toughest challenge to wrestle yet!

”Full Rigged” is a clean, sexy contemporary story loaded with cowboy charm. Ford’s intriguing character is subtle and cool. Readers will like his rugged, yet non egotistical, manly way of working to break down Brynn’s volatile character. Brynn is a tad rude, which makes it unbelievable that such a nice guy like Ford would bother with her. A group of women feeling comfortable around that many men, when the women are at the ranch for private healing also seems to skirt on the side of believability, but the men’s personalities are fun and create a dreamy ambiance to life on a ranch. Pacing is a tad slow, which may leave readers with a desire for more movement through the story rather than the character’s inner thoughts. Overall, “Full Rigged” is an entertaining read loaded with witty cowboy appeal.

Moira Wolf