Friends ForNever


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Workplace relationships can be drama unto themselves, but Erin Taylor is determined to do the job she loves.  As a journalist at a fashion magazine Erin is well respected for her dedication and work.  When a workplace competition for an assignment abroad pits co-worker against co-worker Erin has no idea who to trust. Her budding relationship with Aiden goes awry when the workplace spectacle rears its ugly head.  Can Erin win the competition while balancing the newfound plateau with Aiden and discover who is friend or foe?

In this meaningful look into workplace dynamics, greed and jealousy become their own character.  This first person narrative gives little glimpse into what readers should expect Erin to look like, but supplies ample details of the other people in her life.  While Aiden is her love interest, little besides Erin’s observations and co-workers stated opinions paint the picture of his character.  Readers may find well-meaning and thoughtful journalist Erin somewhat naïve in her personal life especially given her years of experience and level of respectability within her magazine. The "elephant in the room" issue of who to trust is sweet but may lead some readers to want to pinch Erin for her lack of suspicion until it is too late.  This happily ever after is a testament of taking adversity and turning it into gold.

Jordyn Teel