Forgotten Love (Bound by Love)


After being stood up for a date by her husband, Rafe Bryant, Summer leaves the restaurant and is in a horrible car accident, miscarrying and in a coma. While unconscious, her parents make a deal with Rafe: he may visit with her until she wakes up, then he is to get out of her life forever and her father will pay him off. Eight months later, Summer Hamilton is almost normal except for some memory loss. She is waitressing at Betty’s when Rafe enters. He recognizes Summer, but she has no idea who he is. He comes in regularly, and after a time, he asks her out, never so much as hinting that he is her husband. Sparks fly between the two as their relationship grows. Does this second-chance romance have any hope of success? Will Summer realize her new love is her husband from before, but with changes for the better? 

“Forgotten Love” is a story that gives hope when all hope seems lost. There are unanswered questions throughout the book such as, why Rafe feels so guilty about his previous girlfriend’s death? Why the mystery surrounding his last name? The author keeps changing Rafe’s last name from Bryant to Byrant making it unclear as to what his surname is, then reveals his last name as Peyton. There is so much angst, it is emotionally exhausting. Summer and Rafe do not seem to know what they truly want. The flashback scenes, when Summer starts remembering are wonderful. The story is realistic in addressing PTSD and its many incarnations. J.M. Davies takes on difficult subject matter and turns it into an intense love story!

Belinda Wilson