Forever Her Captain


After all the challenges Claire and Baxter have overcome, they are looking forward to their upcoming wedding and future. However, with the city hall corruption still under investigation, Baxter’s future is still uncertain, even while some are clamoring for Bax to move from Captain to Mayor. Yet, as Carnival comes to a close relationships are threatened from all sides as Jared makes one last attempt to get Claire back, and the illicit relationship between Leslie and her boss, the U.S. Attorney, threatens to explode. Will good times roll on or will this be the end for the Queen and her Captain?


The third book in this fantastic contemporary trilogy, “Forever Her Captain” concludes the scandal surrounding the Carnival and crews in New Orleans, and focuses on the relationships that have developed over the last two books. While much of the plot is somewhat predictable, the romance between Claire and Baxter is still excellent with plenty of personal struggle on Baxter’s end to keep the relationship a work in progress. 


The relationship between Leslie and her boss on the other hand could easily fill its own book as some of that is left unexplored and has enough drama and steam to rival the carnival scandal. Although the ending is a bit rushed and a few things are left unanswered that can be explored in a spin off series, this book is a great read for any contemporary romance lover who likes real characters, with real problems, and plenty of steam to go around.


Sarah E. Bradley