Fool For You


Melanie Foster has a few goals in life: get an amazing job covering sports, transform her look from tomboy to stunning woman, and then convince her best friend Damien to see her as wife material.  Mel has made the first two, and turns her eye to the third just in time for Damien to drop a bombshell. To rescue the non-profit organization that saved his life, Damien is willing to do anything - including marry his boss’ daughter and sacrifice his not-so-brotherly feelings for Mel - to do it. With Damien in crisis mode, Mel is afraid she might be too late, but is unwilling to let go without trying. She gives ‘Operation: I’m Gonna Make You Love Me’ a go, and hopes he is worth the risk and won’t leave her the only fool for love.

 “Fool for You” is a steamy contemporary love story with one goal: girl must convince boy that they are better off being more than friends. A fairly typical take on the trope, “Fool for You” includes many basic concepts: hot leads who already care for each other, a conniving girlfriend in the way, and ignorance and miscommunication further complicating the relationship, just to name a few. The main problem is although these are well executed, and the pace is smooth, the story lacks any unique ideas making it not only predictable but also somewhat forgettable. Still, there are plenty of sparks between the leads, and fans of contemporary romance looking for a fluffy read should add this book to their to-read list.

Sarah E. Bradley