Flirty Dancing: A Spicy Romantic Comedy About the Afterlife (The Green Room Chronicles, Book 3)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  This novella begins with the death of protagonist Kitty Eatin, her real name.  Kitty, a former stripper, now owns a studio teaching fitness routines using a stripper pole. She falls, lands on her head, and dies, leaving her husband and two children devastated.  She wakes up in the Green Room, the equivalent of Purgatory in this story.  She is dead, yet she unrealistically still communicates often with her husband, who truly loves and misses her.  Her kids really miss her, as well.  Through the various paranormal skills of the characters in the Green Room, she is able to visit Sam, her widowed husband.  She is also able to be present during significant events in the lives of her family.  

The author evokes a surprising abundance of feelings within the first few pages of this story.  There are parts of this novella that are funny, while other parts are heartfelt and deeply emotional.  While the author has fun with the premise, some of the events in this novella are difficult to accept.  When Kitty first arrives in the Green Room, she is met by three ladies who become her dear friends.  These ladies are entertaining and encourage newcomer Kitty to make some changes in the long-established rules of the Green Room, which seems somewhat implausible.  Kitty’s relationship with her family is a focus, and drives much of the action.  Because the story is short, some of the characters are not as fleshed out as they might be in a longer story, but the reader does get a good sense of the basics of their personalities.  This is a fast read with good pacing and flow.   

Carey Sullivan