Finding Infinity

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Liddy James has come close to fulfilling her dream of living in Paris, but just as she is to board the plane she gets the phone call - her mother is in hospital. After she rushes to Infinity, Ohio to assess the situation, it becomes obvious that some dreams are not meant to be. So, she readjusts and finds a new dream – her own cupcake bakery. Unfortunately, the denizens of Infinity don’t seem to like her (or her shop)... with the exception of  Tucker Jones.
Tucker wants nothing to do with Liddy. She’s so far away from his ideal woman it’s laughable. But, he finds himself offering her help, advice (no matter how unwanted) and above, all his friendship. If that were only enough.
This is a likable story about a woman finding herself and fulfilling her dreams, even after they were lost. Liddy is a great character, one that is easy to identify with. Despite all the hate thrown her way, she persists and works even harder to overcome her obstacles. The problem lies with Tucker.  His character was judgmental, unsupportive and a cheat.  True, he did change his mind in the end, but for the reader it is way too little much too late. This story also paints a much different portrait of small town living than the plethora of series about nice, friendly little towns willing to accept any stranger. That’s not the case with Infinity. It is definitely an intriguing spin!  
All in all, “Finding Infinity” is a pleasant read with a lovable heroine that will not easily be forgotten!
Ana Smith