Finding Hope


After losing her parents Olivia Thompson and her siblings buy a lighthouse in Hope Harbor, Maine and turn it into a Bed and Breakfast. As they begin to move on from tragedy, Olivia makes some startling discoveries at the lighthouse. Ben Pierce is a member of the coast guard who is fighting past demons of his own. When he and Olivia meet, they seem like just what the other needs to move forward. Olivia’s past seems to come back to bite a little too hard, however, and the legacy of the lighthouse threatens to unravel everything she and her family have been trying so hard to build.

“Finding Hope” is a charming romance that is the perfect escape readers need right now! Ms. Luedeke’s words instantly transport one to the seaside town of Hope Harbor. It is so vibrantly described! Ms. Luedeke’s writing is absolute magic! Olivia and her family are all easy to connect with, and readers will root for their success. Olivia and Ben have an instant chemistry in a way that is beautiful and believable. The journey they go on together is equally as wonderful to read. Readers will be swept up in the emotions of loss, love, and everything else in between. While elements of the story might be predictable, the overall flow of the book will still enrapture readers until the end. A great read for the beach, or anyone looking for a pick-me-up!

Chelsea Andersen