Finding Her Forever

Ann V.

For as long as she can remember, Shannon Paige has been in love with Jonathan Sutton, the wealthy boy next door. When he broke her heart, she fled her childhood home of Awenasa Island. Now she’s a high-powered executive in New York City, lonely but successful and determined never to look back… until her beloved grandmother is rushed to the hospital. Suddenly Shannon finds herself revisiting the past and facing the still-single and still-gorgeous Officer Sutton.

Jonathan never understood why Shannon ran away, but now that she’s returned, he’s determined to keep her here. But when Shannon’s grandmother passes away and startling secrets are revealed about Shannon’s family, the complexity of the situation threatens to tear them apart. Can Jonathan ever convince Shannon that there’s no place like home?

Ms. Stewart captures the feeling of summer adventure in this novel. “Finding Her Forever” is fun and heartfelt, with enough twists to keep the reader engaged to the last page. Shannon and Jonathan are smart and relatable, and the chemistry between them is achingly real. Their best friends are rom-com worthy and hilarious, and the setting is suitably lush and realistic. If the ending feels a little contrived, that’s all right – it’s a story that one reada for the day dream of owning one's own place by the ocean. Anyone looking for a stress-free, feel-good romance with happily-ever-after is sure to be satisfied here.

Janice Martin