Finding Her Dream (Midwest Kisses #2)


James Shaw is a cowboy who has come to a decision.  He is finally of an age to settle down and start a family. He meets RayAnne at a bar and after setting eyes on her just once decides she is the woman for him. She feels the chemistry too, but there is something holding her back. James finds they have a mutual friend, Ryke, who helps them get together. The problem is, every time it seems things are going well, RayAnne pulls back from James. He cannot figure out what he is doing wrong. RayAnne then tells James she does not ever want children, something that is very important to him.


The plot to this story is quite simple. Boy likes girl, girl reluctantly likes boy but won’t make a commitment for some mysterious reason that she refuses to share. The characters are all very likeable and realistic. The frustrations with this novel are that the punctuation is in all the wrong places and there are a lot of phrases that are repeated in the same sentence, almost as though the piece were not proofread. This is hugely detrimental to what could have been an excellent novel. The reader might also ask who would put someone they hardly know on a stallion, when they also don’t know that person’s riding abilities. With more research and proofreading, this could be a very enjoyable afternoon read.


Belinda Wilson