Fill the Stadium


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Nikki Lambert is left alone when her husband commits suicide rather than deal with their son’s terminal illness. She’s trying to cope, but even her best efforts aren’t enough to make her son’s last wishes come true. Ramsey Delaney, a football superstar, runs a community sports club and takes an interest in Nikki and both of her sons. His generosity and thoughtfulness toward them soon turns to wanting to be more than a friend to Nikki. Can he have the love of a family and save the dreams of a dying little boy?


This book deals with several tangled emotional issues—suicide, terminal illness, and the devastation they leave behind. The author shines a light on an illness called ALD, and the thief of life that it is. At times, however, there was so much information it started to read like a medical brochure that takes the reader out of the story. The romance between Nikki and Ram had some wonderful moments as they tried to keep this little family together. Unfortunately, other moments fell flat since her husband hadn’t been dead long and his suicide is mostly glossed over in favor of dealing with her son’s illness. The author does well in describing the NFL world and readers will love the character development in Ram as a true hero when he begins to focus on what truly matters most. This heartfelt story is a tear-jerker for sure, and yet has a message of hope that resonates as well as entertains. 


Kate Campbell