Fighting Fate (The Dojo Chronicles #2)


Jesse Mohr has a quest: find his adoptive mother’s daughter and reunite them. He knows a lot of things about Taryn Campbell, the said daughter, and every single one of them makes him love her even more. Unfortunately, their first encounter didn’t go too well – not only did he appear to be a stalker, but they were attacked by mysterious men. Now, that is far from an auspicious beginning, but fate, Jesse’s stubbornness and meddling families will bring them together. Eventually.

A colorful cast of characters, moments of action, mystic – those are the things that this book has in spades! However, not all of those things are fully utilized.  While the character’s stories are interesting, they fail to fully engage the reader, it’s all they are – a collection of stories. As for Jesse and Taryn, there wasn’t enough of chemistry between Jesse and Taryn to make the story feel real. One of the most interesting characters is Merlin, a mysterious, beautiful, seemingly young man who appears to know more than he’s letting on. This book is a part of a series.  It stands on its own but it might take a person who hasn’t read the first book a bit more effort to place all the characters and their relationships.  All in all, this is a gratifying read for anyone looking for a romance with a dash of magic!


Ana Smith