Feels Like the First Time: A Memoir


Shawn and Dawn are neighbors  in Mossyrock, a town in western Washington.  Shawn is a teenager, and more concerned with his pals than a girlfriend.  His life changes forever at his birthday party, when he dances with Dawn and falls madly in love.   Now he spends as much time with her as her parents will allow.  Shawn also does the usual boy stuff.  He and his friends have a band in which they dress up as Kiss rockers and lip-sync – they are the hit of the town!  Shawn's life is a typical portrait of a young man.  He stays at his sister's house one summer and doesn't see Dawn, but the flame is still there.  When he comes back for his senior year, Dawn's  mother asks him to tutor her and Shawn falls seriously in love.  As their romance snowballs, they are powerless to stop themselves, and Dawn's parents forbid them to ever see each other again.  But our romance takes an interesting twist!  Years later, Shawn runs into Dawn;  they recognize each other and begin talking again.  Will this re-approachment result in the relationship Shawn has waited for all his life?

 “Feels Like the First Time” describes the highs and lows of a young man's life.  Mr. Inmon writes with precision as he chronicles the events that always lead back to Dawn.  It's a tender romance, but the day-to-day aspects become somewhat tedious, and the relationship starts and stops,  lives and sputters, depending on how Shawn's life is going. However, the real life ending couldn't be better, and leaves you cheering for this fairy tale couple!
Victoria Z. Burg