Fearless Love (Shelter Sisters Book 3)


Bennett has learned the hard way not to rely on anyone. Surviving both child and spousal abuse, Bennett is slow to commit and slower to trust. It took her two years to trust the women she now sees as sisters, but if she is going to support her daughter, she is willing to do anything, but she has no plans to risk it all for a man, even one as handsome and kind as Nash. Nash met Bennett months earlier, but the skittish blonde has had no interest in returning his open attention. He’s sure that if he can continue to help her set up the retail store the women are organizing on the first floor of their building, constant proximity and kindness will win her over. Yet secrets have a funny way of being revealed, and love doesn’t always run according to plan.

A sweet, clean, contemporary romance, “Fearless Love” is a fabulous addition to this series. Nash is a man of action, and Bennett is full of cautious courage. The continued portrayal of women from diverse troubled situations finding strength in one another and encouraging each other’s passions is inspiring. The romance is slowly built and smoothly written. While the conflict is light, it holds sufficient seriousness to draw the reader from beginning to end without being either too dark or unimportant. Although the hero’s story is neglected at times for the heroines’, and both lack complexity their backstories hint at, the interplay between the characters is charming and inevitably readers will find themselves at the end of the story wondering where the time went and when the next book will be released!

Sarah E Bradley