Fate and Blind Dates: A Romantic Comedy / Twist of Fate Series, Book 2


Getting acclimated to living alone now that her best friend and her cat have moved out, Fran Riley questions her life’s purpose. A firm believer in the universe shall provide, she opens herself up to accepting what Fate has in store for her. Fran hesitatingly accepts one of her massage therapy clients set up of a blind date with her nephew, and then is overwhelmed when the universe sends her two handsome men to choose from. She finds herself in a pickle when she realizes she doesn’t know which gentleman is her client’s nephew! Her life is also complicated by a dose of family drama no one saw coming. Fran must now follow her intuition while hoping Fate will lead her and those she loves to the happiness they desire.

"Fate and Blind Dates" is a charming tale about Fate delivering everything needed to achieve happiness. Meant to be a romantic comedy, it reads more like a spa pamphlet on being in tune with the universe, with a few giggles sprinkled in. The dialogue is a repetitious monologue on accepting fate that becomes a bit tedious. Some readers may find the family dynamic cozy and familiar, while some may find it tooth-achingly sweet. Luckily the drama in both Fran’s work, romantic, and family life keeps the story interesting. The HEA conclusion isn't hard to see coming. Readers will find the main characters are likeable, however it’s the secondary characters that provide those little bits of comedy and most of the drama. Ms. Baldwin delivers a fast-paced romantic love triangle tale with a sweetly satisfying ending that readers who get pleasure from watching the Hallmark channel will find enjoyable. 

Tonya Mathenia