Fame and Misfortune

Frank J.
Borne Jr.

Kevin Clayton is terrified of ending up like his father. Having struggled with his weight his entire life, he finally manages to undergo an amazing transformation from overweight to bodybuilder, losing 200 lbs and becoming a fitness guru in the process. Now famous and wealthy, Kevin finds himself alone:  his childhood sweetheart lost to divorce and his relationship with his daughter broken. Unable to trust the women around him, who only see his muscles and wealth, Kevin looks to rebuild his family, but some of his staff aren’t as supportive of this idea. Kevin will have to do some real digging to decide what will ultimately make him happy.


A contemporary romance and journey to self-discovery, "Fame and Misfortune" is an absorbing read. Kevin is struggling with his addiction to food, his need to stay thin, and his longing for the family that accepted him back when he was still big but whom he hasn’t spoken to in years. His trainer wants Kevin to avoid his family and stick to the plan, making money and staying fit. His assistant wants Kevin to finally notice her as a woman. Readers will be absorbed with Kevin’s interpersonal struggle, however, the romance aspect is lacking. Much of the novel reads more as an insight into the lives of those struggling with being overweight. Despite the lack of romantic development and the many flat characters, this novel is still well worth the read if only for the change in perspective it offers.


Sarah E Bradley