Falling Waters

Gary D.
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Preston Rhodes writes screenplays, but no film studio will buy his scripts.  His wife Carly supports them as an actress, but has much grander dreams.  She does not encourage Preston's writing, but is self-absorbed and narcissistic.  An accidental delivery of one of Preston's scripts to a well-connected Hollywood writer catapults him to the top.  He has finally made it, and can give Carly everything.  
An accident takes him to the town of Falling Waters, where movie stars from years gone by come to relive their glory days and perform shows from the past.  Jack is in heaven, meeting people he has always admired, hearing their life stories, and watching them perform.  He even finds romance, and forgets about the less-than-devoted Carly.  Life is perfect, he wants to stay forever, except...he wakes up in a hospital bed, recovering from the accident that put him there.  Is Falling Waters real, or a figment of his imagination?
Gary Henry spins an engaging plot of dreams, the movie industry, the afterlife, revenge, and karma.  The story starts slowly, with the writing being overly detailed.  The tale itself is provocative, but the telling overall is somewhat technical, and sterile.  It's almost as if the writer is telling about the facts of a novel instead of pulling the reader into the story.  There were also some serious problems with the mechanics, such as spelling and grammatical errors that could have been alleviated with a good editing. Even so, the actual story is a good one. The reader enjoys the possibilities of people living after death, and “Falling Waters” finishes in such a way that everything actually seems believable.   
Victoria Z. Burg