Falling for the Suitor (Suitor Science, Book 1)


Bexley Carlisle has no desire to participate in a reality show designed to find true love. To her, true love can’t be found in twelve weekly episodes. However, once she gets a look at Grayson Grant, the man who’s scheduled to be The Suitor, her competitive nature comes out, and she’s in it to win it—and him. Grayson lost out on the previous season of The Suitorette. Now, it’s his turn to choose. However, once he meets Bexley, it’s game over. Except he has contract obligations that must be honored.

“Falling for the Suitor” is an inside look at the workings of a reality show designed to pit one woman against another for a man’s affections. While there are some comedic moments between the catty women, the plot of the story comes off a bit longwinded with the huge cast of characters. Because of this, it leaves little time to actually develop a feeling for the personalities of the two main characters. As entertaining as it is poking fun at the world of reality television, the story lacks any real plot surrounding the relationship between Bexley and Grayson. The speed with which Bexley falls for a man she barely knows seems a bit immature. Grayson is a bit more level-headed and has a real crisis of conscience when he realizes his obligations to the show may just send Bexley running. His efforts to balance the two are admirable. This is a cute, uncomplicated story. Fans of realty television shows may enjoy this book.

N.E. Kelley