Fallen for Rock


Emily Trenden is not a rock chick - give her Mozart over any rock star and she’s a happy girl. If only it didn’t prove to be the death knell to her relationship with Nate, a rocker to the end. When she finds the V.I.P. tickets for the huge rock band, MonX, she decides to bite the bullet and go. A life changing experience, that's what it was. Things are changing and the main reason for it: Mike Loud, MonX’s lead singer. 

With her feelings her ex still strong, as well as her attraction to Mike, not to mention her world falling apart around her, what can a girl do?

"Fallen for Rock" did not get off to an auspicious start.  Emily came across as an immature and somewhat selfish woman, not a good first impression. However, that impression made seeing her evolve that much more satisfying. Another fascinating thing is the way she adapted to the world of rock music. However, there is a certain lack of realistic plot. A number of highly improbable things happen to put her on that road, and put together it’s just too much.  It would have been great seeing more of the fabled Nate – with all of her talk of loving him, he doesn’t appear enough for a reader to get a read on him. On the other hand, there’s Mike, who is a great character and will flutter many a heart. All in all, a fast paced-chick lit story set in a world of rock with some pretty charming characters! 

Ana Smith