Every Breath


Ian O’Connor, master of one-night-stands, won’t let anything come between him and becoming a partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in town. Gia Hellman has lost the love of her life and has spent too much time grieving and looking for Mr. Right-Now. She has decided to change her ways and devote herself to finding true love. Ian and Gia had a night to remember not that long ago at the office Christmas party, and that’s where both of them want to leave it. But then they are thrown together to work on a case that demands the utmost discretion. Mentally and physically abused wife to the mayor, Joann Clancy, turns to Ian’s firm to help her get out of her marriage. Mayor Clancy has power and status that he will not let be tainted by scandal. Ian and Gia vow to help her escape, but at what cost? 

A steamy read with heart-breaking undercurrents. Reading the prequel, “First Kiss”, before reading this installment will give readers a better glimpse into where Ian and Gia’s story began. “Every Breath” explores power and abuse. Self-sacrifice and narcissism. Greed and charity. Sexual attraction and self-preservation. At times the sexual innuendos seem overused, but it also shows how deeply Ian and Gia feel about one another, no matter how much they fight it or use it as a diversion tactic. Overall, “Every Breath” is a heart-pounding, suspenseful story of defeating the demons that lie within us to create a life that seems to only be possible in our imaginations. 

Alison Ellis