ACTION ADVENTURE:  Photographer Kayli Heddon jumped at the Governor’s invitation to document the everglades for a critical point in his re-election campaign. He has a secret plan, and there’s much more to his idea than appreciating nature. When Kayli ends up spending the night alone with her handsome but intense airboat driver Sky Landers, her safari turns into much more of an adventure than she anticipated. Trust is the most important thing to Kayli, but her Indian guide isn’t the man she’s been falling for. On the run with no one to trust but each other and a mysterious old warrior, Kayli and Skye will find out what is truly important.


“Everglades” is a fast-paced adventure, and the author’s attention to detail shows the depth of her knowledge of the Florida Everglades. The characters have depth and the heroine’s sparky personality paired with the hero’s warrior instincts creates plenty of tension and a rapidly-blooming romance. This book jumps between no less than eight different character’s point of view, and at times this can become very confusing for the reader. While the escapade is exciting, the need to reread sections to understand which character’s thoughts the author is currently giving breaks the intricately woven story world which she masterfully created. One of the minor plot lines involving Kayli’s self-proclaimed boyfriend does not seem to be resolved, but otherwise McCarty crafts an exciting page-turner full of wit, charm, love and adventure set against the unique backdrop of one of America’s last remaining wild and untamed lands. 


Stephenia McGee