Emily’s Choice


Emily Camancho has been in love with Jason Vaughn her entire life. On the eve of their wedding, all her dreams are about to come true, until she finds her fiancé in the arms of her cousin. Pregnant and inconsolable, she runs away, determined never to let Jason into her heart again. But when a terrible accident brings her and her daughter home, Jason is waiting. Can they find their way back to each other or is it too late?


Emily and Jason are childhood sweethearts that everyone expected to marry and settle down. They live in a charming small town that is easy to visualize and the author writes the secondary characters in a way that adds a realistic tone to this romance. Jason is a wonderful hero, steady and reassuring even when Emily abruptly cuts him out of her life and refuses to let him explain anything for two long years. His interactions with his little girl were scene-stealers! Unfortunately, Emily’s lack of character development was glaring and made it difficult for the reader to identify with her. However, the author does a wonderful job in writing the importance of relationships between blended and extended families, and also points out that even under the best circumstances, being a family takes a lot of work. The villain was one-dimensional, yet still propelled the story forward and ended with the comeuppance they deserved. With an exciting conclusion that changed the characters’ perspective on life and love, readers will enjoy the happily-ever-after.


Kate Campbell