Drive Me Sane


Tyler Creech broke off his engagement to Sera with a voice mail and for three years afterward she suffered through the heartbreak of it. Now her uncle has married Tyler’s mother and both Tyler and Sera had the same great idea; to go to Roy and Diana’s home for some alone time to get their heads back together. Neither was expecting to see the other, nor will either of them leave - so the only solution is to agree to stay in the same house together.  Neither of them has ever stopped loving the other, so their three-week stay is an emotional rollercoaster. Sera is no longer the girl Tyler once knew and Tyler is now a country music star. Does their love stand a second chance?

Dena Rogers has created very complex characters for "Drive Me Sane".  Tyler has his stage persona and his casual self that he shares with Sera. Sera is a soldier who is hard on the outside, but is soft and hurting on the inside. Unfortunately, too much of the story focuses on Sera’s PTSD and she is in tears for a vast majority of the book. That said, this is an emotional book that does explore the complexities of PTSD, something that is rarely done in romance fiction.  When Sera isn’t crying she is angry, which isn’t realistic. It’s difficult for anyone to sustain such intense feelings over such a long period of time. 

Sera and Tyler's story is a smoothly written, enjoyable romance with an unexpected twist in the end. 

Belinda Wilson