Dreams of Her Own (Dreams Come True #3)


Millie Stephens has been living a boring life. When she is saved by a stranger from being killed by a speeding car, she realizes that her life until now has been completely unremarkable. Deciding to add more excitement to her existence, she makes a list of things she wants to change. The list does not include the hot biker and contractor renovating her boss’ apartment, even if he did save her life, and even if she can’t stop dreaming about him. Ian Brand knows Millie Stephens is hiding something behind her baggy brown clothes and glasses, and from the first time he hears her bedroom voice over the phone, he cannot help but take an interest. As circumstance brings them together, they have to decide whether to allow their pasts to hold them back, or whether or not to let fate give them a chance.


A steamy contemporary romance, this is the third book in the “Dreams Come True” series. Millie and Ian make an average cute couple, with sparks flying between them from the start, even though the romance itself is slow building. The conflict itself is somewhat minimal and focused on each character's self-image. It is easily solved and the pace is a bit rushed at times. Still, although the story does not have any particularly unique or memorable traits, the steam makes up for the lack of conflict and the easily identifiable characters will make this a good addition to any contemporary lover’s to-read list.


Sarah E. Bradley