The Dream (The Creek Water book 4)


Ashley Alice Monroe’s life is in full swing as she works two jobs, one as an assistant supervisor at a nursing home and the other as a waiter, while living in Shady Acres Trailer Park. She believes hard work and determination will help her fulfill all her dreams. When her high school crush, Davis Frothingham, whom she believes is way out of her league, gives her a side gig working for his family, a whirlwind of events and emotions sweeps her mind into adding more ingredients into her recipe for her life’s dreams. As if in a conspirator mode, a bunch of her high school friends, who bring about bitter memories of her past, show up in their small town. Can she overcome her fears, bad memories, and insecurities and embrace her dream?

“The Dream” serves readers with a tantalizing storyline where the lead characters have to maneuver a tough series of highs and lows to find their level ground. The reader takes a journey where laughter, joy, humor, and bitterness converge, leading to an explosion of emotions in his/her mind. The author’s mastery in the creation of scenes brings the entire storyline into life. The inclusion of diary entries from Ashley’s past get a tad monotonous once the reader gets a firm grip of the current events in the protagonist’s life. However, for the reader with an open mind, that helps to solidify the picture of Ashley’s past. It is indeed an alluring piece of work filled with lots of fun and a ton of lessons for young adults to run away with.

JM Lareen