Drawn to Jonah


Quinn Baker had always dreamed of becoming an artist and when she received a full-ride scholarship to art school in NYC, she thought her dreams were coming true.  Six years later her degree is gathering dust and her divorce has just become final.  News of her grandmother’s death has her heading back to her hometown to pack up the house and take stock of her life while she's at it.


Handsome widower Jonah Goodwin was Nanny's neighbour.  When Quinn finds a letter from Nanny asking for a favour, she has no idea that by fulfilling Nanny's wishes she will be making her own dreams finally come true.  


Two adults who deprive themselves of a wonderful future due to a tragic past is the romantic theme in “Drawn to Jonah”. The constant tug of war and fickle thoughts and feelings is a bit frustrating. Readers will enjoy the lovely story of a woman showing unconditional love and creating a family bond even though unsure if she'll ever have children of her own.  This story depicts the struggle of two competitive sisters, the battle of low self-esteem and making financial ends meet -  all modern-day topics that readers can empathize with and appreciate the grace that the characters use to get through it all. Their loyalty despite all odds adds a poignancy to the level of feel good one will walk away with after turning the last page.


Julie Caicco