Drawn to Her (Southern Heat)


Lexie McKenna is a nurse caring for a dying patient. She approaches her job and her duties with a sweet, caring, and no-nonsense attitude. Her patient is a cantankerous old man but he and Lexie have an understanding between them, and they get along fabulously - until her patient’s grandson comes to town. Drake Carmichael does not trust the nurse caring for his dying grandfather. He sees her as a money-grubbing gold-digger that wants to see how much money she can steal from his grandfather before he dies. Will Drake and Lexie be able to work out their differences or will they kill each other before the air is cleared?


“Drawn to Her” is the first book in the “Southern Heat” series and is a contemporary story about life, death, love, and heartache. Contemplative in nature, it will have readers thinking about life and death and how it affects those around them. Author Jenna Harte has created an attention-grabbing opening to her series, with a quick-paced story that is full of characters that readers will fall in love with and enjoy even after they are finished with the first book. Although there are a few editing issues throughout the story most readers will not even notice them. Readers will find it hard to put down “Drawn to Her”. They will probably find themselves so engrossed with the story that they will block any interruptions that might pop up around them. 

Mary-Nancy Smith