Down By Contact (Seattle Lumberjacks #3)


Zach Murphy is on the last leg of his NFL career. His lifelong dream of a Superbowl ring is finally within his grasp now that he has been traded to the Seattle Lumberjacks.  But his "bull in a china shop" mentality during social situations is gaining unwanted attention from the team's owner and the media. Unluckily for him, his past flame is a former beauty queen and available for hire to teach him the art of etiquette. 


Kelsie Carrington-Richmond has run from her abusive husband and holier-than-thou family.  Though she treated Zach horribly when they were younger, he is the only person in her life that ever showed her an ounce of respect, and she's banking on his good-hearted nature to forgive her.


This is an evocative tale of two people with a somewhat volatile history. The focus of the story is how the mean girl and the poor boy are able to grow up and grow together...and how forgiveness can be easier to preach than practice. At some points in this journey, Kelsie doesn't seem deserving of forgiveness but of pity, for her life has sunk so low.  And although Zach is a big shot in his career, he is still very much the bumbling, stubborn boy he's always been. But they help each other find compassion and companionship, and that's what counts. Unfortunately, the villains don't necessarily get their just desserts, as their involvement begins and ends with the chaos they cause. This is a couple...and a team... that has a lot of opportunity for good things to come!


Nicole Duke