Don’t Tell Me You Love Me


Shae, diagnosed at age fourteen with an incurable disease, is now a wild, young-adult social media star traveling the world to fulfill her bucket list before she dies. Her entourage of travel-companion friends stay quiet about her condition, knowing that Shae keeps busy to avoid any chance of long-term romance. When Shae returns home to attend the wedding of her childhood best-friend’s brother, she meets Emmett, the bride’s brother. Immediately attracted to one another, they each have emotional walls they use to avoid heartbreak in their lives. Emmett already saw life in the fast lane as a baseball player and now helps run the family farm. He’s uncertain if he can take a chance on love, yet his heart tells him she is the one.

“Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” opens with exciting insight into the ‘vlogger’ life of Shae. Holly Kerr’s style of writing is exciting, and the story is well-paced. The characters intertwine beautifully. Thoughtful background stories about many of them make the overall story cozy and will allow readers to be a part of the environment and not just an outsider looking in. Shae can seem a tad flighty, but it adds to her constant need to run from having true feelings for anyone. Emmett’s character is sympathetic, and readers will be drawn into his sorrow of past love. A few editing corrections are needed; however, they do not affect the storyline. The heartfelt moments are genuine, and readers will find themselves emotionally pulled into the romance of “Don’t Tell Me Love Me”.

Moira Wolf