Don’t let the Monkey Drive the Taxi


Cassie McCoy can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. Being the daughter of the mayor, Cassie is tasked with maintaining a certain level of poise and propriety, but that is hard to do when things just seem to keep happening to her.  Even with a deceased fiancé and the guilt she carries of his death, Cassie continues their dream of opening a taxi company, all the while bringing Mitchell along in his urn, that is, until her taxi is stolen.  Cassie tasks herself with finding out who the thief is while continuing to run her business, and trying to keep the locals out of her personal life. But things aren’t always what they seem to be, and it may just be time for Cassie to face her past head-on, so that she can move forward.

“Don’t let the Monkey Drive the Taxi” is a story about letting go of the past and looking at things with fresh eyes to see the truth. While the story builds slowly at first, it has no shortage of entertainment. This novel has everything from broken promises to costumed robberies, a monkey, and even a love triangle. Cassie’s energy is contagious, and the fun customers she meets only serve to add to the drama that unfolds in the most hilarious of ways. The author’s mystery of the stolen taxi within the story will keep the reader entertained until the very end. Adding in a love story built to last, and the personal growth seen within Cassie, only serves to make this book even better. Delightful fun from start to finish!

Marie Sanderson