The Doctor and the Midwife


Audrey Novak is a midwife who has her own birth practice and volunteers as a doula hoping to give women the best birthing experience possible. In her downtime, Audrey is an avid rock climber, and living in Utah gives her ample opportunity to enjoy her passion. One rockface is a secret gem amongst climbers, and she happens across someone in a rock-climbing app who knows how to get to the elusive Craggletooth Rock. However, she must first prove to an online stranger why she, of all people, deserves to know where it is. Dr. Ammon Parker lives in Audrey’s building and is doing his medical rotation on the Obstetrics floor where Audrey volunteers. He firmly believes that during the birthing process there is no safer place to be than a hospital. As tensions mount, so does the attraction between two people who couldn’t be more different and yet so perfect for each other. 

This is the perfect book for fans of Christian Romance. The opposing medical viewpoints is very enlightening and will keep readers engaged. Readers will thoroughly enjoy the banter between Audrey and Ammon. Their feistiness and Christian values seem to play against one another at times, yet the story is realistically written, plotted, and paced, rising to the level of flawlessness! The supporting cast of characters and plotlines add a depth to this story that will captivate readers. “ The Doctor and the Midwife” is a true delight to read from start to finish!

Alison Ellis