Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems (Cindy's Crusades #1)

Susan Jean

COMEDY:  Cindy is a middle-aged woman who finds herself in a crisis otherwise known as divorce when she catches her husband cheating. She decides to begin her new life with internet dating.  A number of dating disasters has her discouraged but still intrigued enough to have that one last date with Jay. When he turns out to be the one she is thankful for not completely giving up. Although their relationship is not without its trials and re-appearances of previous baggage, they manage to prove that even at middle age one can still have their happy ending.


A witty and at times sarcastic look at love and divorce through the eyes of Cindy, a middle aged woman, that is both honest and entertaining! Told in a diary style narrative, Cindy is a sincere and real gem.  The first half of the book with all its mishaps and dating disasters does get a tad monotonous and Cindy's reciting gets a little preachy.  Jay, however,  comes into the story like a breath of fresh air and the reader begins to fall in love with both him and the story. He is far from perfect but the kind of man who could reignite any woman's faith in romance.  A very contemporary look at love and a good choice for those who enjoy chick-lit style reads.


Margaret Faria