The Difference of a Year

M. J.

Finishing college should be exciting, but Jenny Hammond is struggling to embrace the changes in her life. Helped along by her best friend and roommate, Sherri, Jenny begins to find contentment in a job that she loves. However, when tragedy strikes and trouble with one of the bosses arises at work, Jenny is quickly spiraling out of control, and the only person she might be able to lean on is the handsome jerk next door.  Too bad she hates him.


An incredibly romantic novella, Wilson has created a story with drama and emotion that will grip the reader and leave them chuckling, teary, and smiling from one end of the story to the other. Jenny grows over the course of the book, and goes from relying on Sherri a great deal, to learning to stand on her own feet, and facing her emotions. Sherri is everything anyone could ask for in a friend, particularly the bit about her and the baseball bat. She not only helps Jenny move forward but acts a foil against which Jenny grows. The hero of the story, Ryan, is seen through Jennys eyes and sparks strike between the two immediately. As a result, all the characters are very believable, and the story runs smoothly. The only problem is that "The Difference of a Year" is a short novella, and romance lovers will regret that it ends so soon!  


Sarah E. Bradley